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Aktualizacija etničnyh religij u slovjanov v XX – XXI stolětjah

Englijsko nazvanje:

The topicality of Ethnic Religions in the Slavs in the ХХ - ХХІ Century


prof. Halyna S. Lozko Ph.D.


2019 (1)


Tekst piše o dviženji revitalizacije avtochtonyh tradicij v věku globalizacije XX i XXI stolětij kako etnoreligijozna renesancija. Kratko se piše o historiji rodnoj věry Slovjanov, ktora kontrastuje s različnymi sinkretičnymi kultami New Age. Glavna orijentacija jest do ukrajinskoj kultury i historije.

Rezjume (Englijsky):

There was a natural movement of revival of native autochthonous traditions among the intellectuals of many European countries in the globalization period of the XX - XXI centuries. Representatives of this movement believe that self-preservation of national identities is possible only through native religious cultures created by natives and not imposed by world missionaries. In the religious philosophy branch, such movements are called "ethno-religious renaissance" or the revival of the native faith, and religions themselves are "ethno-religions", native faith, old faith or heathenism. We provide a brief historical overview of the main directions of revival of the native faith of the Slavs, introduce with its prominent representatives. We disclose the complex worldviews, legal and ethical conflicts that arise among the faithful in the modern world. Globalization is actually absorbing and neutralizing traditions. In contrast to traditionalism, it creates numerous surrogate forms of neo-religions, pseudo-religions, syncretic cults called New Age that distract people from their true native. The main focus of the author is on the Slavic and in particular on the Ukrainian historical and cultural material.

Ključne slova:

tradicijonalizm; etnoreligija; rodna věra; poganstvo; Orden Boga Solnca; Volodymyr Šajan; neoreligije

Ključne slova (Englijsky):

traditionalism; ethnoreligion; native faith; heathenism; The Knightly Order of the Sun God; Volodymyr Shaian; neoreligion